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How to Attack Elite Performance
by: Stephen McCarthy
Copyright 2005 Stephen McCarthy

There are four major components to achieve high-level performance in athletic training, personal fitness, or indoor/outdoor sports.
1. Proper tools and gear
2. Physical ability to do the task
3. The energy sources needed to get there
4. Your desire to accomplish the goal

Proper Tools and Gear
Matching the proper gear and tools to your task is essential. Using the wrong gear at the right time is just as bad as not having the gear at all. Find the proper gear and fit for your application and you will accomplish your goal easier than your competition.

Physical Ability to Do the Task
The use of event or sports specific training will increase your strength and stamina and your risk of injury will decrease. Using a combination of activity specific drills, strength training and plyo-metrics, you can greatly enhance your ability to perform with more speed, endurance, and power.

The energy source or sources your body uses is of the utmost importance. If your body does not find the proper energy sources, it will not produce the power, nor will it recover properly. Without proper nutrition, you will not be able to sustain yourself while performing.

This is the most vital component and the one you have the most control over. Without desire, using all of the right gear, energy supplements, or multiple hours of training cannot help you.

THE QUESTION IS... Are you willing to put forward the time and effort necessary to achieve your goal?

About the author:
Stephen McCarthy works with individals and teams to assist them in accomplishing their sports and fitness goals. For additonal training tips and information, you can visit us at

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