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Ten excuses why people donít do fitness exercise.
by: Robbie Cattrick
Hereís a list of reasons that people give to get out of doing fitness exercises. Obviously you are not one of these people and you have put in to action a plan to regularly exercise and keep fit.

1) I am too busy right now, Iíll start next week.

2) Iíve tried exercising for a few days, but I just need a rest for a week, just to get balanced.

3) I havenít got any suitable clothes at the moment, no shorts or jogging trousers. Iíll buy something next time Iím near a sports shop.

4) Iíll start some serious exercising when I feel fitter. I feel that I am not up to running a circuit at the moment.

5) Itís Christmas at the moment. I want to enjoy the food and festivities. Iíve made it one of my new yearís resolutions to think about doing some exercises.

6) Iíll start exercising just as soon as I have quit smoking.

7) Iíve just gone through a divorce, so now is not a good time for me to start and exercise regime.

8) Iíd like to do some exercise in the morning but I donít have time before I go to work, and I am to tired after work in the evening.

9) I am too embarrassed to let people se me in the gym with my overweight body.

10) I need to wash the car on Saturday morning and then take my wife shopping, so I donít really have time to do any exercise at the weekend.

If you know of any more excuses please visit my website and send me an email.

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