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The “Weight” is Over – Ephedra Ban Lifted
by: Ted Collins
It comes as a surprise to many consumers that the ban on Ephedra, was lifted more than one month ago. A Utah Judge actually overturned the FDA’s decision to ban the natural substance. So why is it that one of the most sought after and powerful weight loss supplements ever created is not widely marketed and readily available to the public? You can thank company policy, procedures, and slow moving legal councils. Both online and offline marketing mediums are frantically revisiting their acceptance guidelines. In the mean time one company, Marqi Fitness is sitting on the entire world supply of Beta Fuel which is their branded Ephedra product. They are sitting on an absolute gold mine and they know it. You can purchase it online at Until manufacturers catch up, this will be the only place to get your hands on it for the next 9 months.

Ephedra has been used by the Chinese for more than 2000 years. In the beginning it was used to treat asthma, colds, and upper respiratory infections. The primary active ingredient is the Chinese herb Ma Huang. There is a naturalchemical that is extracted from the herb. It is carefully mixed with other natural ingredients to create what we know today as Ephedra. Another form of Ephedra is broken down into another form called “Ephederine” which is used in nasal decongestants such as SudafedÓ. Ephedra is the purest form which is used as a powerful fat burner. In fact, before the ban, billions of bottles were being sold each year. Labs could not produce it fast enough. The demand is still there, however, the problem is that consumers have no idea where to get it until now. Thanks to Ephedra Labs and Marqi Fitness, the “Weight” is over.

About the author:

Mr. Collins is an accomplished Marketer with more than 12 years of Market Research, Trends, and Lifecycle Product Development experience. He holds dual BBAs in Marketing from Kennesaw State University. He began his career in marketing in the telecommuncations industry 12 years ago. He is currently the President of Business Consultants Group, Inc. (BCG). Copywright ©2005

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