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Surviving Flu Pandemics - Questions To Ask - Answers To Know
by: Dr Loretta Lanphier
The urgency and reality of a flu pandemic has certainly been explained to us through media, government and our own medical establishment. Is the Avian Flu threat a “real” threat? No one really knows. Many say that it is just hype and maybe so. But it’s always wise to have a plan and to be prepared, no matter what. And it may not be very wise to take a gamble with health by throwing caution to the wind. We have put together SURVIVING FLU PANDEMICS: PLAN - PREPARE - PREVENT hoping to instill calm and prevent paranoia and panic. Education is empowering and is always the first step toward planning and preparedness. Living in fear does not allow a person to make good decisions. Our desire is to provide natural solutions (ones that will not harm health or well-being) that can be implemented right now.

According to Dr. Loretta Lanphier, "Vaccinations are not the answer. We must understand that the body has self-healing mechanisms—even against Avian Flu. The flu does not have to be feared or worried about as long as it is understood that natural methods can be implemented successfully for safe and natural healing and that planning, preparation and prevention are of vital importance.”

”This is one of the best e-books that I have read in a long time. It has eased my fears and concerns while teaching me how to be prepared. I believe that preparation keeps us from any type of panic and allows us to be in control—not the government.” - Carl from New York, NY

“Great job on a book that everyone needs in their library. The “Is Your Immune System Compromised” Test is well worth the price of the book. I never thought about what really constitutes a compromised or unhealthy immune system.” - Jeff from Dallas, TX

I am recommending this book to everyone!. I can see where this book may be used for absolutely any type of pandemic or emergency situation—even earthquakes! The information is concise, well-organized and includes many suggestions that I had never thought of before. I love the natural recipes that are given for healing and cleansing. Thanks for imparting this much-needed knowledge. - Janelle from San Francisco, CA

The body has self-healing mechanisms, yes, even against a virus like the Avian Flu. In order for these self-healing mechanisms to work at their proper capacity, the body must be healthy and the immune system functioning the way it is designed to function. Currently our concern is not so much with the actual Avian Flu virus but the condition of most people’s body. Most are toxic, acidic, dehydrated, oxygen-deficient, poor lymphatic system drainage and clogged with many years of built-up, old fecal matter. Add to this the fact that between 40-50% of all Americans are taking at least one or more prescription medication, we have a volatile situation that keeps the immune system from functioning at a healthy rate, thus sabotaging the body's self-healing mechanisms.

About Oasis Advanced Wellness -

Founded by CEO/President Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, Oasis Advanced Wellness provides hi-tech natural solutions for women and men's total health and well-being through the use of advanced natural health programs, up-to-date education, organic hi-tech supplementation and private consulting. Our main specialty is to provide health-giving answers which we accomplish from a "whole-body" approach. We also provide nutritional balancing for all health concerns. We search for products that work, not products that are fads but ones that will actually help the body to heal itself. Our main focus is health and to offer what conventional medicine doesn’t—personalized health programs, supplementation and life-style answers addressing all the areas of life. We are solution minded and will work toward that end.

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About the author:
Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH is a Doctor of Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist in The Woodlands, Texas and Founder / CEO of Oasis Advanced Wellness. Dr. Lanphier has done extensive research in health science, nutrition, natural medicine, endocrine system, weight loss, herbology, alternative cancer treatments, the cancer/disease industry and is also involved in researching new alternative disease treatments, products and hi-tech supplements. A teacher and educator, she counsels Oasis Advanced Wellness clients on the aspects of getting the body healthy and keeping the body healthy. A published author, Dr. Lanphier has written many articles about natural health along with 4 e-books. She is also Editor of the popular natural health e-zine, Advanced Health & Wellness and Executive Editor of the worldwide Internet monthly newsletter Alternative Health & Healing. As a cancer survivor using natural medicine, she is able to relate extensively, both as a patient and a practitioner, to clients suffering from disease. Dr. Lanphier is dedicated to helping people create lasting changes in their health and enhancing well-being through whole body nutritional balancing.

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