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What Is A Wedding Checklist and Why Do I Need One?
by: Mark Willigerod
With everything a future bride and groom have on their minds getting ready for their big day, it is almost impossible to keep it all in order. To help you remember everything and minimize the headaches related to even the smallest of details, it is a good idea to prepare a wedding checklist.

Having a wedding checklist, which can be altered to fit your specific needs, will lessen the stress load each time you cross off a completed task. A wedding checklist will also ensure that when your big day comes, you haven't forgotten anything and you can relax and enjoy your day.

Some things that may be included on a wedding checklist are reserving the date with a florist, photographer and disk jockey; set the time and date of the wedding, and reserve your church and reception location. These starter steps should be done about six to 12 months before your date.

More ideas to add to your wedding checklist include establishing a wedding budget, choosing the wedding party and ordering invitations and announcements. You may also want to consider picking out your dress and hair piece, visiting a boutique to look at attire for the attendants and ordering your wedding rings. All of these things should be done as early as possible to save you time when the small details become a necessity.

Closer to your date, the wedding checklist you create should have reminders for you to order wedding flowers, address invitations, plan a rehearsal dinner with friends and family, select the music and order the wedding cake. These things should be done about four months prior to your big day.

About four to six weeks before your wedding, you will need to go over your wedding checklist and began mailing invitations, do a final fitting for your gown, select your groom's gift, be sure that thank you notes have been written and sent out for any showers and receptions that were thrown in your honor, and place your announcement in your local newspaper.

As you continue crossing tasks off your wedding checklist, it will become smaller and you will have a feeling of satisfaction and organization. The final details come two weeks before your wedding when you will need to make a final appointment with your florist to approve your flowers, go to the courthouse for a marriage license, change names on accounts and official documents and begin a list of wedding gifts and senders so that you will be able to send them thank you cards later.

Although these are just a few things that should be included on your wedding checklist, it gives you an idea of how many details you will be covering throughout your planning. If you stay organized with a list and give yourself plenty of time to complete each task, you will reap the rewards of having a peaceful beginning to your new life.

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