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High blood pressure!? What!?
by: Blod Doc
If you get scared every time you hear this expression ďhigh blood pressureĒ you are right. And for you, who say you donít care at all about that, you should consider revising your concepts.

High blood pressure is a silent disease that affects one in three adults only in United States and most of them donít even imagine they have high blood pressure. And this is where the danger of this disease lies.

How can you treat a disease that you donít even know you have? Well, you canít. And thatís why in many cases you only find out when any side effect related to the high blood pressure happens to you.

In general, these side effects are: stroke, heart diseases and kidney diseases. When they happen, it is a sign that you have a serious problem with your blood pressure.

But you donít have to be desperate. Frequent checkups and appointments with doctors may help you figuring out if you have high blood pressure or not. This is the best way to find out in advance if you have high blood pressure.

Finding it out in advance may represent the tenuous line between controlling the blood pressure and suffering the consequences of it. It is an important of he process of preventing the serious side effects that high blood pressure may cause to you.

Factors that affect blood pressure

It isnít a secret for anyone that lifestyle is for sure one of the most factor that affect blood pressure. And this includes alimentary habits, physical exercises and stress.

Foods rich in fat and sugar contribute to elevate the blood pressure. Salt also plays a major role in it. Since the fat and sugar accumulate in the blood, the heart has to work more in order to pump the blood and eliminate it. This elevates the blood pressure.

The lack of physical exercises also contributes to elevate the blood pressure. If you donít practice physical exercises, the chance of being overweight is bigger and this also contributes to elevate the blood pressure.

And the last factor of the daily life that contributes to elevate the blood pressure has to do with stress. It is another factor that may elevate in a significant way the blood pressure.

However, there are some things you can do Ė and you should do Ė in order to prevent high blood pressure.

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Blod Doc

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