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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Migraine Headaches - By Wendy Brungardt
by: John Williams
To understand the worst type of headache, a migraine, it
helps to have a basic understanding of why we experience
headaches, what we can do about them, and what some of the
misconceptions about headaches are.

Headaches are most often the result of biochemical changes
in the brain. These changes are caused by a number of
factors, including chemicals (natural to the body or from
food that was eaten), stress (physical and psychological)
and environmental factors like continuous noise or even the

Most people experience headaches that occur, and are then
conquered with either sleep, medication, or a break in the
situation/stress that may have brought the headache on.

For those rare people who suffer chronic and severe
headaches, the continuous pain and nausea can become
debilitating to the point that they are depressed, undergo
changes in behavior, and withdraw from their friends and

While almost all headaches have a non-life threatening
origin, sudden violent headaches, or very severe headaches
that recur over and over, are reason to visit your doctor,
who may order tests to determine the cause and nature of
the headache.

Migraine headache sufferers are often diagnosed by
displaying a set of typical symptoms, where atypical
symptoms may need closer examination to find the root

The most important thing that consumers should know about
headaches, is that while they can't be "cured", they can be
coped with. Sometimes that coping mechanism can be as
simple as fresh air, a walk, more sleep, or dietary

Other times it may require the help of a health care
professional to discover the biological or psychological
influences that caused headaches to disrupt your life.

About the author:
For many years, Wendy suffered regular migraines. Finally
she decided to find out everything she could about these
unpleasant headaches. Now she's written a series of
articles to share her findings with other sufferers.

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