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Five Easy Steps to Say Goodbye to Anxiety
by: David Chandler
Anxiety is the body's alarm response to a perceived physical or psychological threat. Anxiety may be short-lived and come about by studying for an exam or preparing for a for job interview, for example. However, if it persists for a long period, it can seriously affect your everyday life. Here are 10 anxiety treatments to make you feel better at the time of mental stress:

Practice Yoga

When you are anxious, your breathing becomes fast and shallow. This disrupts the body's oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. This has an effect on your over all body system. Practice Yoga for breathing calm and get rid of anxiety.


If you feel physically tensed and suffering from anxiety, give your shoulder a gentle massage with two drops of essential oils like geranium, lavender, sandalwood, or basil oil. If you don't have these use two spoons of a cold pressed vegetable oil such as sweet almond or olive oil. Omit basil oil if you are in the first two weeks of pregnancy,

Herbal remedies

You can prepare yourself a cup of tea out of vervain, rosemary, or ginseng three times a day for two to three weeks when you are in anxiety. These herbs have a restorative effect on the nervous system. To ease your tension and to get a sound sleep try chamomile cava, lime flower, valerian, hops, or passionflower tea.


Mental distress can depress or increase appetite. Choose plenty of foods rich in the B vitamins, Vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium, since a lack of these nutrients can contribute to anxiety. You have to cut down on your sugar intakes and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Choose spring water, fruit juices, or herbal tea instead.

Self-understanding: Think of the possible origins of your anxiety as a first step to overcoming it. Think in a positive way and you will start feeling better.

In case your condition worsens, you can go for psychotherapy and cranial osteopathy or can consult your physician to get a proper treatment for anxiety.

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