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Overcoming the Addiction of Smoking
by: Rob Mellor
So what is the best way to overcome the addiction of smoking and to fight the cravings that nicotine cause.

There are many ways including taking pills, using patches and chewing gum but I want to take a look at the natural ways you can fight the cravings and overcome smoking for good. It is important to use natural ways as to chemical ways because by using patches for example, you are only transferring from cigarettes to patches. Both contain nicotine and are not good for you. Now I know patches are better than cigarettes because the later has other chemicals and produces tar but it is best to stop smoking naturally to get the full benefit out of quitting.

Now letís look at a couple of ways that you can do to help you keep your cravings to a minimum. Firstly there is exercise, this is a great way to help you quit smoking as it will get rid of stress and it will also help your body improve and heal itís self from the effects of smoking. There are many different types of exercise you can undertake. You can go to the gym or even go running. Try playing football or basketball as these types of competitive sports are good for fitness and relieve stress. If youíre not up to vigorous exercise you can simply try some aerobics or brisk walking.

The exercise will decrease the feeling of the need to smoke and keep you in a good mood thus preventing you from smoking. Another thing that will help you stop smoking is to cut out excessive drinking of alcohol as itís a well known fact that people are more likely to smoke if they are drinking.

The second way to help cut craving and feeling the need for a cigarette is to take up a hobby. It doesnít sound like it can help but by taking up your time and not becoming bored you will not feel the need to smoke as often as you would doing nothing. It can also give you other things to spend your money on than cigarettes and can be seen as a reward for stopping smoking.

To quit smoking the natural way it is important to release stress and occupy your time and not become bored. Also try and stay away from other smokers that will entice you to take up smoking again.

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