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Plantar Faschitis And Heel Bone Spurs Causes
by: David Buster
are related to several common reasons. Plantar faschitis occurs when the connective tissue on the bottom of your foot that attaches to your heel becomes inflammed.

When repeated stress and strain occur on the heel bone and surrounding soft tissue, the body attempts to protect itself by forming heel bone spurs. This kind of pain is usually felt at the bottom of your heel. Quite often, the heel pain is worse in the morning because of tightness and stiffening that happens during the night.

The heel bone spurs causes can be related to:

1. Injury to the Foot, Arch or Heel - physical injury can occur while running, jogging or even walking and inflammation results.

2. Repetitive Pounding of the Foot - jogging and running, especially running downhill or on uneven surfaces, can result in tearing and plantar faschitis inflammation. And being on your feet more can lead to additional tearing in the fascia which results in more inflammation and pain.

3. Poor Fitting, Hard-Soled Shoes - shoes not providing adequate support can be one of the heel bone spurs causes. Supportive rubber-soled shoes that fit well cushion the impact of the heel striking the surface and can help reduce heel pain.

4. Tight Muscles in the Calf - tight muscles in the calves place additional stress on the foot muscles and tendons, and tight muscles are more prone to injury and/or inflammation.

5. Being Overweight - excess weight transmits more stress to the plantar fascia area, which can lead to plantar faschitis inflammation and pain.

Plantar faschitis pain can become serious enough to be disabling. There are natural ways to treat heel and foot pain without resorting to foot surgery, which should be considered the very last option for foot pain and heel bone spurs. Learn about the things you can do to treat plantar faschitis and reduce heel pain.

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Read more about plantar faschitis treatment at ways to reduce heel pain. David Buster is VP of InfoSearch Publishing and webmaster of a website of natural health articles and resources.

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