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Rio Light Mask Photic Stimulation Therapy For Migraines, Headaches and Stress Relief
by: Tzaf Barak

Photic Stimulation - Not science fiction but science fact!

British doctors at the Hammersmith Hospital, London have developed an exciting and revolutionary new drug free treatment that uses photic stimulation in the form of programmed patterns of gently pulsating light shone into closed eyes.

Clinical studies have shown that the Rio Lightmask can stop 3 out of 4 migraines and headaches in their tracks and the average symptom reduction for PMS was a staggering 76%! Clinically and statistically significant positive benefits have also been achieved for insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety, low confidence and low self esteem, irritability, fatigue, poor concentration and food cravings and research into other benefits are ongoing. This truly amazing product offers fast action with no side effects.

The Rio Lightmask is deeply calming and relaxing and easy to use - the ultimate chill-out/de-stressing experience! In fact most users report they drift into deep and refreshing sleep by the end of its unique 15 minute photic stimulation cycle - waking up with a clear head - alert, refreshed, brimming with life energy and ready to take on the world!,_Headaches_and_Stress_Relief/index.html

Rio Light Mask Accessories:

Rio Light Mask 6V Replacement Battery
Battery for the Rio Light Mask.

Rio Light Mask Adaptor EU Mains
EU (Europe) mains adaptor for the Rio Light Mask.

Rio Light Mask Adaptor UK Mains
UK mains adaptor for the Rio Light Mask.

Rio Light Mask Adaptor USA Mains
US mains adaptor for the Rio Light Mask.

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