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Set Yourself Stress-Free
by: Joy Fisher-Sykes
Stress in our personal and professional lives is ever
changing and constantly on the rise. Everyday we’re
expected to do more and more with less and less - less
resources, less energy and less time. In order to master the
ability to manage stress, it’s important to first remove one of
the biggest obstacles that stands between chaos and calm -
SELF. Often we are one of the biggest contributors to the
calamity and chaos we experience in our lives. Stress
management is the recognition that life is all about the
choices we make. Starting today, choose to take control and
follow these simple tips to help you lead a stress-less

* Choose To Be Short on Complaints, Long on Praise
Far too often, we are quick as a whip to complain when we
feel we have been wronged, yet we are not as quick to
lavish praise. Complaining about every little thing is very
stressful and draining. Instead of complaining, why not
contribute. Starting today, make a point to praise those
who have had a positive impact on your life – from the
cashier who didn’t pack your bread on the bottom of the
bag, to the mechanic who didn’t scare you into an
unnecessary repair, to the neighbor who is willing to baby
sit on ten minutes notice. Doing so will not only make you
feel good, but will make a difference in a positive way and
make someone else feel great.

* Choose To Love The Skin You’re In
Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, known for her acting talents and
physical beauty, recently took a bold step many of us
would shutter at the thought of – she posed for a magazine
minus make-up in a crop top and shorts. She posed for all
the world to see the “real” beauty she is – a confident
women who doesn’t define herself by other people’s

Chasing after beauty defined by others (media, family,
friends, spouse, co-workers and others) is detrimental to
your peace of mind. Be bold and love the skin you’re in
right now – crooked nose, warts, corns, receding hairline,
wrinkles, sags, bulges and all. Appreciate your natural
beauty and love yourself just the way you are.

* Choose To Pass On Perfection
Think of how many things don’t get done because
someone is waiting for the perfect time, place and
circumstance. Working with perfection as your standard is
both a mental and physical drain. Lose the need to get
everything done “perfect.” Know that it’s far better to
accomplish a task at 85% perfection than to procrastinate
and wait for 100% perfection.

Remember that a stress-less life is all about choice – what are
you going to choose today?

About the author:
Joy Fisher-Sykes is a professional speaker, author, and
success coach in the areas of leadership, motivation, stress
management, customer service, and team building. You can
e-mail her at, or call her at
(757) 427-7032. Go to her web site,,and signup for the newsletter,
OnPoint, and receive the free ebook, "Secrets, Stories, and
Tips for Marvelous Customer Service."

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