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The Modern Steam Bath -- A Healing Remedy for Stress
by: ARA
(ARA) - One of the oldest healing remedies in the world, steam baths have been used for centuries to promote health and vitality. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, encouraged the practice saying “Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease.”

“The therapeutic effects of steam have been well documented,” says Alex Garkusha, of Steamroom USA, an importer of state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures and accessories. “Today, more than ever before, the stress management and general wellness benefits provided by steam are very important for overall health.”

Steam bathing will not only help you relax and relieve stress, but also relieve tired, stiff muscles and can be used in the rehabilitation of certain sports injuries. It can even reduce the stiffness and pain associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Steam stimulates the immune system by causing the body to produce more white blood cells, which helps the body to fight against common colds and other diseases. Steam also stimulates lymph systems by increasing blood circulation in your body, which helps with weight loss and tones and improves the function of all of the body’s organs. It has a positive effect on the skin by purging toxins out of the body by sweating, leaving your skin cleaner and looking younger inside out.

The moist heat also increases the effect of certain body treatments, enhancing ayurvedic and mud treatments. Essential oils are atomized with the steam and are absorbed into your body through the skin and by inhalation, increasing the healing benefits of steam.

SteamRoom USA offers a range of affordable steam shower houses you can easily install anywhere. Whether you are building or remodeling your home or finally finishing your basement, a SteamRoom USA steam shower is an affordable luxury. A great complement to a new basement gym, entertainment room, or even a master suite, a steam shower can be added wherever you want it. It provides a much more versatile option than many conventional showers and whirlpool tubs and gives you a world of bathing options at your fingertips.

In one compact unit, the size of a typical shower, you can take a luxurious steam or whirlpool bath, enjoy a multi-head shower, and get a full-dimensional back massage. Steam shower units have a contemporary and elegant look, and come equipped with a radio and telephone, a remote control, and connections for your CD player.

The showers can be easily moved and will fit through a standard 36-inch door; they are self-contained units that only require water and sewer hook-ups and an electrical connection.

“In today’s stressful world, a steam shower is not a luxury, it’s a necessity,” says Garkusha, who adds that Americans today live with high levels of stress that can be managed with a daily dose of steam relaxation. “SteamRoom USA did not invent bathing, they modernized it,” he adds.

Indulge yourself in luxury and health. For more information about the benefits of steam and about steam showers, call (800) 909-9USA or visit

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