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Treadmill vs elliptical: A never ending argument
by: Atanu Ghosh
The treadmill vs elliptical debate has been prevalent for some time. The treadmill vs elliptical debate isnít valid since selection of either one depends upon the needs, wants and desires of users in terms of workout programs. The treadmill has its own set of benefits and elliptical trainers have its own set of benefits so it can be a tough decision.

The question arises in regards to which is better. The treadmill vs elliptical superiority question is not answerable because both serve different purposes and are beneficial to a workout program.

The most asked question by everyone is which one burns more calories? The difference between the treadmill and elliptical trainer during workouts and exercise is very obvious. The elliptical trainer has a smooth natural motion machine with foot pedals that contact at all times with the feet as they walk. In treadmill vs elliptical, treadmill offers to run, walk and jog on the flat or inclined surface. The treadmill causes high impact to the ankles, knees and hips.

On the issue of burning more calories, studies and practical exercises have shown that treadmill burns more calories for a person during workouts. The treadmill causes more weight bearing than elliptical trainers. The user can generally set different intensity levels for both, but because working with both the upper and lower body with an elliptical, the user effectively increases heart rate at a faster pace which will burn more calories. In weight loss measure, more weight loss and fat burning takes place using the elliptical trainers. Workouts yield results which compliment elliptical trainers. Elliptical trainer workout for 20 minutes achieves results which treadmill accomplishes in 35-40 minutes.

On issues relating to popularity of treadmill vs elliptical, the answer comes from the usage level. The elliptical trainer is a low impact machine and easy on the joints and back. The treadmill has become a household product and lets person perform workout in the same spot.

In treadmill vs elliptical the question arises relating to the working superiority between the two. Superiority in terms of working cannot be answered for the reason that both work differently and have a different working principle. The elliptical combines movements and benefits of biking, cross country skiing and hiking. Elliptical exercise offers an elongated circular motion and makes the feet to move back and forth around in an oval pattern. On the treadmill a person can jog, run or walk in the same spot on a conveyor belt.

Treadmills have been around for much longer than elliptical trainers. In the treadmill vs elliptical issue, treadmill remains hugely popular for cardio exercises, since it simulates jogging and walking.

In terms of variety, the treadmill allows people to add variety and challenge to workouts by increasing the incline on many treadmills and targets other muscles in their lower body more directly. Elliptical trainers in relation to variety in treadmill vs elliptical donít offer much variety in terms of inclination or workouts.

Treadmill vs elliptical in terms of stress comparison offer different stress functionality. Elliptical trainer in treadmill vs elliptical stress measure offers more grace and less stress during exercising. Treadmill in terms of stress measure in treadmill vs elliptical offers more stress and exertion during exercising. Many people agree that in treadmill vs elliptical, elliptical trainer is less boring than treadmill.

The treadmill has more exposure in the marketplace than elliptical trainers. Elliptical trainers donít sell much since they have less exposure in the treadmill vs elliptical race. In terms of space consumption in treadmill vs elliptical race, both acquire enormous amount of space.

Body workout results favor elliptical trainers in the treadmill vs elliptical, but the treadmill offers a full and effective body workout that give great results. Treadmills offer workouts that give only a lower body workout.

In treadmill vs elliptical race, personal preference is what decides which of the two machines fit personal needs more.

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