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You May Be At Serious Risk If You Use Certain Nutritional Su
by: Phil Beckett

Just Because A Product Is A "Brand Name" Doesn't Mean It's Safe!
By Phil Beckett

Studies have shown that the vast majority of women take some form of supplements every day. Even if you are one of the rare few one doesn't, you probably have a loved one who does and could benefit from your simply forwarding this message.

Now, the problem is not that women are taking supplements.

In fact, in this day and age, with the proven decline in the nutritional value of mass commercialized foods, including even fruits and vegetables, proper supplementation is vital for maintaining a healthy, vibrant, and energetic lifestyle.

One of the mistakes people tend to make (and it's an understandable one) is that if a supplement is a "brand name" then it must be high quality.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of questions surround Coral Calcium in particular, which by itself, is an excellent supplement for a variety of reasons.

Some of its benefits include; maintaining healthy bones and teeth, staving off osteoporosis, the proper functioning of the heart, and helping nutrients properly disperse throughout the body, to where they are needed.

The problem, however, is that both government and private organizations have shown that you only have a 1 in 5 chance of actually buying a product that has the amount of ingredients stated on the label, or one that does not contain contaminants.

Shocking, isn't it?

You may have heard of Coral Calcium and Robert Barefoot.

Many suppliers of Coral Calcium use his image, name, and all claim to sell his "special," "approved" formula. This is nonsense because all of them have different formulas, and often use different grade Coral Calcium.

One of the best known and biggest sellers of these brands is called "Coral Calcium Supreme," which many women reportedly use.

Again, women assume that because it's a brand name (and therefore costs a lot) it must be good.

But you have to be cautious and know that Barefoot's name on a product in itself doesn't amount to much of anything, except a higher price tag, and certainly doesn't speak to quality., a private company whose mission is to independently test various supplements to see if they have what they contain, came back with this shocking conclusion, and to quote:

" reported today that 20% of the calcium supplements it recently evaluated failed testing. One of those that failed is the much hyped Coral Calcium "Supreme" which, coincidentally, was also the subject of government action today for false advertising.

Reasons for products failing the Calcium Review included excessive lead, too little calcium, and inability to fully break down (needed for absorption)."


Lead is a well known toxin that can lead to neurological dysfunction and damage. And wouldn't you be angry to find out, even if it not contaminated, it didn't have the amount of ingredients that you PAID for?

So, why do many supplement companies do this? Coral Calcium "Supreme" is certainly not the exception, but the rule.

Well, for one thing, it's much cheaper for them if they don't have to subject their products to a rigorous manufacturing process that ensures there are no contaminants. They also do not adhere to a certificate of analysis that shows their products actually contain the amount of ingredients stated on the label.

They're hoping that, you, the consumer, is never the wiser. In short, cheaper product manufacturing means more money in the pocket for them.

All, nutritional supplements are supposed to enhance your health, NOT impair it.

The bottom line is: whatever products you take, you should investigate very carefully the company that manufactures them.

This is also why I feel so strongly about recommending certain natural products from a company in New Zealand.

The whole company's history and mission was founded on producing an honest line of supplements, under the most rigorous manufacturing requirements in the world, far exceeding U.S. FDA standards.

They subject their Coral Calcium with Phytonutrients product, for example, to not only the most stringent manufacturing requirements, but also provide a certificate of analysis for each batch produced, which means it is independently tested to be free of contaminants and have what is stated on the label.

I've only received positive feedback from women who use this coral calcium product, and I can confidently recommend them in the highest regard.

You may like to check out the company's history, facts, and mission. I think you will realize, as I did, what an exception to the rule they are when it comes to nutritional supplements.

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Phil Beckett is the President & C.E.O of Physique Concepts Inc. and is the author of 3 very popular and successful health & fitness books and designs customized general health, weight loss, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise programs for women. He has trained and educated more than 3000 women of all ages, interests, and limitations, in health, fitness and nutrition, both on-line and off-line for more than 15 years.


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